UFO/UAP, Sightings, ET/NHI Contact, and Dreams

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Hello Friends,

I am sharing this inquiry into the relationship of dreams with UFOs and extra-terrestrial or non-human intelligences with you. It’s a strange subject because dreams, UFOs and ETs, and telepathy or ESP have recently been taboo subjects. Dreams and UFOs/ETs are also quite literally strange, as you’ll see. There’s a dozen different ways to measure bizareness in dreams and High Strangeness is an undeniable, yet frequently unknowable, aspect of the phenomenon. Thank you for the courage it too to read this post so far.

While I’ve been engaged in this specific inquiry for nearly a decade, I am choosing to speak about it now for several reasons. First and foremost, there is an emerging media narrative about UFOs and ETs that is fueled by the US Government’s release of information regarding UAPs. The cat is out of the bag and Uncle Sam is learning that cats are hard to wrangle. In other words, the presence of UFOs and NHIs (non-human intelligences or ETs) is undeniable for those who care to see, however it is unknowable. As you’ll see, the experiences associated with NHIs are unknowable to the objective and logical aspects of mind.

However, these experiences may be known through your holistic, integral, or nondual consciousness. In the ordinary world, you’d never look to science or the government to establish the reality of your friends or neighbors, you’d just know about them from experience. If a friend told you about a new neighbor, you wouldn’t turn to science, you’d just accept his testimony. If you were doubtful, you might keep an eye our or have a visit with the new neighbor. It’s the same thing with UFOs and NHIs, if you’re doubtful, you’re invited to have a visit with them. As you’ll see in this inquiry, the possibility of psionc dream contact with non-human intelligences is not far-fetched or impossible from the scientific literature on the subjects.

The second reason that I’m sharing this inquiry now is that I’ve already been sharing my personal testimony. I’ve been telling you, my friends, about our new neighbors that you can talk to through your dreams. I know how crazy that sounds and I’ve seen some people not know how to handle my communications. I’ll often assume that people are aware of the importance of dreams, the relevance of testimony as a way of knowledge, and of the overwhelming testimony for the presence of UFO/UAPs and ET/NHIs in our world. I want to present my references and thoughts to those people who would benefit from educating themselves in the relevant scientific literature or would appreciate seeing all these reference in one place.

The third reason is that I want to our society to wake up the the dreamlike nature of our reality and to confront the nightmarish aspects of our culture. We need to heal and integrate so that we can live together in peace and be responsible stewards of our world and family. All I’m asking you to consider to do is to meditate, contemplate the nature of your waking and dreaming experience, and to reach out in peace and love to ask for assistence from the greater community of conscious beings in our universe.

Finally, I understand that the phenomenon can be challenging. My confusion about NHI contact in dreams was a source of suffering in my life. Part of you knows the truth that your dreams are real, but part of you doesn’t want to think about living in such a world. It’s often easier to hide under the blanket than to confront the dark, however the strategy of avoidance only works so long and it leads to suffering. I think its now time for our society to pull the blanket off its eyes and confront the darkness. We will find paradox: light through the darkness and wisdom through the fear. I just want you to know that it seems there isn’t anything to fear besides ourselves and that the journey is strange but ultimately meaningful.

Sometimes talking about dreams is triggering. Talking about UFO/UAP, ET/NHI, and psychic dreaming might be even more triggering. If you have had experiences that you haven’t processed, this presentation may threaten your worldview. If you continue, you may need to reevaluate your understanding of life and dreams. Maybe those dreams and nightmares you had all those years ago, the nightmares that couldn’t possibly be real, are actually real. Maybe those dreams were psychic or even physical contact with ET/NHI beings.

Thank you for considering the possibility of psionic dream contact with extra-terrestrial civilizations. As you’ll see, contact with NHIs generally are positive and provide thematic messages regarding the maturation of our human species into responsible stewards of our planet and members of a greater community. Contact is certainly strange and definitely irrational at some levels, but ultimately it is a journey of self-discovery and self-integration.

If you’re interested in working with me to advance the science of psionic dream contact with ET/NHI beings, then please reach out to me at Daniel@CosmicDreamSanctuary.org. If you’d like to collaborate with us at Light Net, Exo Metaverse, or Dream Well, please email me. If you’re interested in dream or hypnosis work, please go to my website to learn more and schedule a free and no-obligation consultation: https://cosmicdreamsanctuary.org/sessions/.

Much love and blessings to you,


Summary of findings

  • UFO and NHI contact is actively reported
  • UFO/NHI contact is clearly associated with:
    • Dreams
    • Telepathic/psychic experiences
    • High strangeness factor of NHI encounters is phenomenologically similar to bizarreness factors in dreams
  • Dream reports, as well as contact reports, seem reliable given a process of discernment
  • Dreams may be studied
    • Objectively through content analysis of reports
    • Subjectively through participation
  • Contact in dreams may be:
    • Screen memory
    • Psionic contact with NHI
  • Lucid dream practice beneficially increases insight into strange mental states like psychosis or schizophrenia
  • Lucid dream practice may decrease nightmare experiences
  • Lucid dreams with intent for contact may be accomplished at a rate greater than other types of intents

Conclusions & Hypotheses

  • Dreams are naturally telepathic
  • Dreams and NHI contact to be phenomenologically similar
  • NHI/ET/UFO contact occurs both as:
    • Telepathic dreams experiences
    • Unintegrated dream-like memories
  • NHI contact reveals waking life to be like a dreams
    • Lack of understanding of UAP/NHI is like mass-psychosis
  • Study of dream contact is nondual and can unfold:
    • Subjectively through personal experience
    • Objectively through content analysis of dream reports
    • Collectively through lucid dream experiments
  • Mindfulness and lucid intent yield insight, empowerment, and resolution to conflict
    • Presenting a solution to mass-psychosis related to UAP/UFO/NHI contact

Trigger Warning

The theories, data, and testimony that I present are from reputable sources.
Listening may trigger intuitions, memories, dreams, or feelings related to the phenomenon of ET/NHI contact.
Everything I offer is testimony, observation, and speculation.
If any of this material is challenging for you, then I invite you to think of everything I say like a dream.


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