The process of working with me is relatively simple.  We’ll first have a conversation, then you’ll schedule a session with me or to participate in a group.  After that, we’ll stay in touch (if you like) through the email newsletter, social media, or directly through messages.

All of my session and group work is offered from a spiritual counselling perspective based on my calling as a minister.  I am ordained as a minister of the Universal Life Church, which is a non-denominational organization open to all faiths.  My session and group offerings are based in my training with

  • Dreams
  • Hypnosis and Quantum Healing
  • Energy work like Reiki
  • Shamanism
  • Psychic-mediumship and channeling
  • CE-5 and human initiated contact with ETs

There are many roles a minister can play in your life, including:

  • Sanctuary space
  • Spiritual counselling, conversation, or direction
  • Dream interpretation
  • Communications with spirits, angels, demon, ETs,  etc
  • Revelation of knowledge and wisdom

I hold certain doctrines that I’d invite you to consider holding:

  • God, source, the universe (whatever you call your higher self or power) is in all things
  • Consciousness (mind/spirit/whatever) is the primary cause for physical experience
  • Our deepest nature is beyond the duality of good/bad, which means we’re essentially and basically complete and enlightened already
  • Dreams and dream-like experiences are paths to healing, insight, and transformation
  • The universe is full of consciousness beings like spirits, ancestors, guides, angels, and ETs who are willing to communicate and assist us when we open to them
  • The purpose of our work is to more deeply embody peace, love, and unity consciousness here and now through the physical body on the Earth

Our work together is co-creative and co-participatory.  We’re going on a journey together and we don’t know where it’ll lead.  Everyone is unique and needs different things in their lives at different times.  That’s why I ask that everyone start the process with a conversation with me.

All of my work is offered by donation.  This means you can pay as little or as much as you’d like.  I’ll send you a donation link after our session or group concludes.  I’ll let you know the market rate for the services and will ask for your commitment to an equal energy exchange (this might be service trade or art you share or whatever).  

You can work with me once or many times.  Some people just want results, some people want an on-going relationship, and I find both ways of working to be meaningful.  Generally people’s initial goals are met with 1-5 sessions and some choose to continue working with me as part of their spiritual practice.

The whole process looks like this:

  1. Schedule an initial conversation with me
  2. Fill out the intake form for new participants
  3. Schedule a session or join a group
  4. Reflect, integrate, and give feedback

For more information about hypnosis, please check out Cosmic Dream Hypnosis.

To get started, schedule your first conversation now.