Alien abduction, missing time, hypnosis, and dreams


  • Definitions & Descriptions
  • Considerations & Assumptions
  • Historical Perspectives
  • Theories
  • My Dream Theory
  • Practical Considerations
  • Practice Session


  • Regression is questionable as a memory tool
  • The state of hypnosis is like a dream
  • Dreams may involve exotic states of consciousness or abilities
  • Dreams are inherently beyond conscious understanding and control, but respond to insight and intention
  • Dreams lead to healing, insight, and transformation

THEREFORE, Regression hypnosis may be considered to be a set of “dream incubation” instructions or suggestions/tools for establishing lucid intent in the dream-like experience of hypnosis

Regression Hypnosis May Best Be Understood as a Sacrament

  • Client/practitioner model
  • Psycho-spiritual and transcendent domain
  • Meaning-making and relies on articles of faith, e.g., ETs are UFO occupants
  • Deals with NHI or entities that have traditionally been called angelic or daemonic, i.e., powerful intermediary messenger beings
  • Outcomes include healing, insight, and transformation
  • Outcomes are magical, miraculous, or PSI in nature

THEREFORE, missing time hypnosis may be best considered as a religious sacrament



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