Memory, Dreams, and Regression Hypnosis


  • Definitions
  • Legal and practical understanding of hypnotically retrieved memories
  • Hypnosis Practice
    • Investigative, forensic, and/or refreshing hypnosis
    • Age Regression
    • Past Life
    • Life-between-life
    • Starseed
    • Missing time
  • Theories
    • Expanded memory capacity
    • Circumvent repression
    • Psychic/akashic
    • Unknown suggestion
  • Personal working model
    • Hypnosis as a dream incubation
  • Practice


  • Regression is questionable as a memory tool
  • The state of hypnosis is like a dream
  • Dreams may involve exotic states of consciousness or abilities
  • Dreams are inherently beyond conscious understanding and control, but respond to insight and intention
  • Dreams lead to healing, insight, and transformation
  • Regression hypnosis may be considered to be a set of “dream incubation” instructions or suggestions/tools for establishing lucid intent in the dream-like experience of hypnosis



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