The New Earth community is calling you.

  • There are celestial beings
  • You can talk to them.
  • They have a message for you.
  • You are invited to join the New Earth community.

What is the Book of Galactic Light?

The Book of Galactic Light is a book written by Daniel Rekshan and Celestial Beings, which you might think of as ETs or angels.

It is a transcription of a 30-day visionary ritual based on the work of John Dee, a 16th century scholar and magus, who was instrumental in the formation of the British Empire. Dee sought to communicate with angels in order to bring Heaven on Earth.

I made contact with celestial beings who provided invitation and instructions on how to enter the New Earth. The Book of Galactic Light is an invitation for you to awaken to your own divine nature and your connection with all things.

What is the invitation and message?

Use the portal system

There is a natural portal system within the New Earth.  Think of it like a system of stargates that you can use to teleport through time, space, and parallel reality.

The portals are conscious beings, like sentient wormholes. You can't use them like you might use a car, you have to make friends with them.

The best way is to practice dreaming and meditation so that you can see, feel, and communicate with the portal beings.

Join the New Earth Community

There are many different types of beings in the New Earth.  There are ancestors, spirits, angels, ETs, extra-dimensional beings, light-beings, celestials, inner-earth inhabitants, and a thousand other versions of you from the parallel worlds.

Practice meditation and send out an invitation to connect, they'll respond and will teach you about the rich diversity of life in our world.

Discover your true identity

The mystics are right: you are all things.  You are the universe, source, God/Goddess, creator, or whatever word you'd like to use.

The illusion that you are less than all things is the sole source and cause of suffering.  Practice meditation and stop suffering.

Call forth lightships

Lightships are sometimes understood as UFOs or UAPs.  These are vessels of consciousness that help you relate with Galactic energies and to navigate the New Earth.

Embody unity consciousness and call forth the lightships that will bring us to the New Earth.

If this is hard for you to believe...

If any of this is hard for you to believe or if you're having any challenges relating to these ideas, you can simply think of The Book of Galactic Light as something like a dream story.  I'm not asking you to believe anything, just be open and have fun.

It's okay to be skeptical, it's okay if you don't believe I talked with angels, it's okay if you think the New Earth is silly.

If you're having any issues, just think of this book like a dream journal or a visionary story.

You are invited to take steps

Step 1. Be more open than closed.

All the Celestials are asking is that you be more open than closed.  It's a habit of mind, not a state of being.  Just be more opened than closed to the notion that you are more than you can imagine.  You can be open right now just by playing, exploring, and having fun.

Step 2. Contemplate that we are all one.

We are all one.  Everything is connected.  Separation is only an illusion.  These are concepts that you're invited to contemplate.  Ultimately, the celestial beings invite you to identify with all things.  

Think of it this way.  The world is a dream and you are one of many dream characters.  When you're in the dream, you forget that you're dreaming it all.  Wake up now to the dream-like nature of our reality.

Step 3. Forgive others as you would be forgiven.

If this world is something like a dream, then all of it is you, even if it feels like a nightmare.  You are invited to forgive the unforgivable, the perpetrators of your own victimization, as if they are you.  When we get attached to our story of ourselves as a victim, move away from the higher density experience of unity consciousness.

While we don't need to tolerate harmful behavior, the celestials invite us to experience unity through love and forgiveness as a prerequisite for ascension into the New Earth.

Step 4. Embody unity consciousness.

Unity Consciousness is a very interesting notion.  It recognizes that we are all one.  It implies a connection between all conscious beings.  All conscious beings are telepathic or psychic in some ways, it's often very subtle, but even materialist science recognizes PSI-phenomenon at rates slightly more than chance.

Embodying unity consciousness means that you've worked through your attachments to your personal ego illusion.  It is stepping into a telepathic collective of all beings.  You don't have to hold it all in mind, just feel love in your heart, and you can work with assisting beings like the celestials.

Step 5. Believe, intend, and invite.

Once we open up to the unity consciousness, the New Earth is open to us.  We can relate with the greater community and use the higher-levels of technology.  We can transmute the evils of our last age into Golden Age.  We can talk to elementals and ETs.  We can teleport through the portal system.  We can fly in lightships.

The angels say that to do these things, all you need to do is believe, intend, and invite.  They say you'll connect with the most relevant aspect of unity consciousness, who then can help you.  If you want to teleport, you talk to the portal being.  If you want to fly in a lightship, you ask it.


Is this a UFO religion or something crazy like that?

No.  This book uses words from the New Age, it assumes psychic capacities are real, it declares that there are ETs in our solar system and living on Earth.  I'm claiming to talk with angels and I'm offering this work as a prophecy.  I've shifted my hypnosis practice to incorporate notions of spiritual counselling.

At the end of the ritual, the angels asked me for a commitment, which I didn't express in the ritual.  The commitment, in part, is to help bring people into the New Earth, almost in a way of a minister, pastor, or prophet.

I'm not asking anyone to believe anything.  I'm sharing a message and an invitation.  I'm practicing what I preach.  I'd love for all this to be true and to really use the New Earth portal system to physically meet our celestial community.  It starts with forgiveness, meditation, and practice. 

Are you serious about teleportation and lightships?

Yes.  While I haven't physically experienced these things in an ordinary way like we experience cars, the angels were emphatic that these technologies are real.  Personally, I think that these might be spiritual metaphors or something like that.  It might be a nice mythology that provides meaning for meditation and dream practice.

However, I do have experience with the angels.  They really did show up for the ritual in ways that I couldn't imagine and can't deny.  They built rapport and trust with me.  They tell me to expect these things are physical in ways that we should prepare for.  They ask us to expect the physical reality of extra-terrestrial beings in our world.  

How can you really ask me to forgive all beings? What about the empire (cabal, covert humans, reptilians, satanists, etc)?

I am sharing the message the celestials gave me to share.  It's hard to forgive in the way that they ask.  But they're clear it is a prerequisite to experience unity consciousness, which is the process of ascension into the New Earth.

They say that we don't have to tolerate harmful behavior, but that ultimately the "other" or "all the evil people out there" are actually ourselves.  They say to expect magical or miraculous transformations in your world as you open to forgiveness.

Did you really talk to angels?

Yes, I really did talk to angels.  Its funny, when I started the ritual, I thought that I was going to talk to ETs more.  I thought that John Dee's Enochian angels were something ETs that he just interpreted as angels.

Angels aren't like what we imagine.  Their presentation as winged beings is only a symbol, which sometimes does become physical.  They're something more like a frequency or even a wave of consciousness.  

About the Authors

Daniel Rekshan

Daniel Rekshan lives with his beloved family. He is an artist, dreamer, and hypnotist. He holds a MA in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. He holds a BA in the Western Liberal Arts tradition from St. John’s College in Annapolis. Daniel is a certified hypnotherapist in the spiritual counseling modality of Depth Hypnosis and is certified in Beyond Quantum Healing.

He is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. Daniel is the Chief Dream Officer of Dream Well, a mobile app for dream, sleep, and mindfulness. Daniel offers hypnosis, dream work, and spiritual counseling service as a ministry through Cosmic Dream Sanctuary

Daniel has written several psycho-spiritual books and academic papers about dreams, which you can read on the Cosmic Dream Sanctuary website.

Celestial Beings

The celestial beings, sometimes called angels and sometimes called ETs, invite you to discover who they are in your life. You can get to know them simply by believing in them, setting your intention to connect for the benefit of all beings, and then inviting them to connect with you.

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