Ascelpion Temple & Ritual

An Asclepion is an ancient temple dedicated to the healing dream god Asclepius, who you might recognize through his symbol of the two snakes spiralling up a staff.  We understand that Gods and Goddess, while fully capable of being and acting in the waking world, express deep aspects of ourselves.  

If you needed healing, insight, or transformation in the ancient world, you might visit an Asclepion.  The temples lived on holy sites with strong energies, like the crossing of ley-lines or other potent places.  Testimony from those healed, in the form of art or written word, filled the temples.  You might see images of Asclepius as a strong man holding his staff.  You might encounter snakes or dogs, which are his sacred animals because he is known to shapeshift into their forms to administer healing.

You would be received by a priest who listens to your story, dreams, or supplication.  The priest would invite you to purify through a ritual cleansing like a bath, then to have a dream within the sacred sanctuary space.  You might then have a dream that somehow is the accomplishment of your supplication.  

Sometimes the dream was clear, like that Asclepius visited you and provided medicine and then you were healed.  Sometimes the dream was less clear and you’d speak with the priest who would help you interpret it.  All dreams required action, often in the form of a thank offering such as art or testimony for the temple walls.

The consciousness, energy, and power of the ancient Greek god called Asclepius is alive and well in the world today.  I actively work with this energy in my own life and my dreamwork with others.  That’s why I consider the space of our work together to be a sacred temple of dreaming healing and myself to be a priest of Asclepius.

When we understand that our waking life is like a dream, then we can see that a Zoom call can be as sacred as a temple and just as potent to invite the miracle of healing into our lives.  

If you’re curious about Asclepius, check out my academic paper on the dream-healing practices of the Asclepion.

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